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Challenges and Opportunities on the Dubai Recruitment Market

Challenges and Opportunities on the Dubai Recruitment Market

Strategically placed between the East and the West, Dubai is one of those countries with an incredible growth potential, especially in the tech and IT sector. More than this, the legislation has been recently modified in such a fashion to promote the fast development and the growth of the country to historical levels. Having the geographical coordinates to make it an important trade link, there is no wonder that the country has known such a rapid development in the past decades. And this is how more and more choose to relocate to this amazing, friendly and full of opportunities place, when the prospect of a career change emerges. To this, add the fact that companies around the globe are given incentives to move their headquarters here, and you have a recipe for a fast-growing market and business environment. But below we have some data regarding the challenges and opportunities presented by the Dubai recruitment market, as it is nowadays.

Recruitment Challenges Faced by Companies in Dubai
As the indigenous workforce, only accounts for 0.5% of the jobs currently existing in Dubai, the necessity of drawing outside workforce emerges. This is how an increasing number of recruitment agencies have developed and took over the sector, as local applicants are sometimes simply lacking. Generally, the vast number of vacancies in the industries that have developed in Dubai have been filled by relying on outside job seekers. However, no matter how acute the lack of indigenous workforce has been in Dubai over the years, recruitment companies only seem to seek the best employees in their fields. Experience is one of the main demands when it comes to the Dubai employer, but even so, the largest ratio of workers in Dubai is represented by those with less than a year in the workforce (20%). In 2016, approximately 2,400 individuals were enrolled in the UAE workforce. All this, while the current resident population is around 3 million of individuals (data from the year of 2014). While a large proportion of the residents consists of expatriates, coming from poor backgrounds and working low-paying jobs (workers from poor countries such as India, Pakistan, Egypt, Nepal and China), there is a significant proportion of highly trained workers that come from well-developed backgrounds, seeking well-paying jobs in highly respectable companies. 

So, one of the main challenge faced by recruitment agencies is finding highly trained personnel that are able to deliver their service in a perfect form, but also stay with the same company for longer. While the less-developed countries deliver the workforce for constructions and other similar fields, parts of the Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States deliver that proportion of incredibly skilful and trained professionals that work in some of the best-paying fields currently available in Dubai. 

Also, another challenge would be the fact that the local workforce, but also companies are still reluctant when it comes to online applications, preferring the old-fashioned method. If you want to attract a highly trained workforce, experts in the recruitment industry claim, you have to be open to new, innovative recruitment methods, especially when you rely on external workforce. 

The Recruitment Opportunities in Dubai Seem to Overpass the Challenges
No matter how challenging finding indigenous workforce might be, the expert recruiters at Oakwood International recruitment agency do an amazing job at delivering highly trained professionals from all across the world. Also, they claim that trained workforce is not that difficult to deliver when the employers in UAE are willing to pay so many monthly benefits, but also generous base wages to all those that meet the demands of their job titles. The generous salaries are not the only ones that attract foreign workforce in Dubai; also, the lifestyle, climate and the opportunity to add in their CVs such an amazing experience seem to contribute to the willingness of those experts when coming to work in the UAE. 

Due to the fact that the Gulf region is a fast-growing and developing region, young experts seem to be attracted by the prospect of pursuing a career in this favourable business climate. 

Globalization seems to contribute to the fact that more candidates from all corners of the world seem to be more than willing to come here and try the employment waters for the first time in their lives. 

Young professionals seem to also be attracted by the entertainment opportunities available here. The night life, restaurants and clubs are filled with foreigners that work here, at all times. But besides the entertainment opportunities available in the UAE, the worker coming here to launch their career should be fully aware of the fact that the UAE employer has higher standards and demands. Working over time is the norm in many companies with their headquarters here, and rightfully. The workload is enormous, as these companies deliver products and services to regions all across the globe. Still, the foreign workforce is coming into flocks in the UAE. Maybe being one of the richest countries in the world fuels their desire to work here. 

But also, UAE companies can thank recruitment agencies for the incredible staff delivered and trained before entering their positions. With extensive services and a strict recruitment strategy, these companies succeeded over the years to bring to the UAE some of the best-prepared professionals in each field with a high demand at a point in time. As of the late years, the UAE company is not as reluctant to use their services as it was in the past, coming to realize the usefulness and efficacy of these services. 

A developing country, full of work opportunities, seeking only some of the best professionals around the world. This is how many recruiters would describe Dubai. While the exigencies are high, the rewards are also surpassing every employee’s expectations. This what it makes Dubai such an amazing location to start a career, but also full of opportunities.  

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