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4:29:57 AM , 16 May 2021
Over 100 boats to compete in Fourth Dalma Traditional Sailing Festival (15 May 2021)
The fourth Dalma Traditional Sailing Festival will be held next Thursday or Friday as alternate dates in case the event is not run on Wednesday due to unstable weather, Abu Dhabi Sailing and Yacht Club announced.

Qatar Airways Should Benefit from a Vaccine (10 May 2021)
The airline industry has been facing headwinds since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi Launches New Service To Tashkent (5 May 2021)
The new service represents the 10th route for Air Arabia Abu Dhabi since the launch of the carrier’s service from Abu Dhabi International Airport on 14th July, 2020.

Formula One Racing - The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021 (3 May 2021)
It’s still early in this years F1 season, but as the final race, Abu Dhabi is eagerly awaited

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Solo Microwaves vs Grill Microwaves: What Are the Differences?

Microwaves are a great kitchen and home appliance device that makes life simpler for homeowners. They use radiation to heat food within minutes, providing convenience to the user. There are several microwaves in the market. Solo refers to one that is for basic heating purposes while the grill microwave oven allows for grilling along with heating. You might want to look at them both and compare each microwave’s features and functions and how necessary they are to your household’s requirements. Such a comparison would make it easier for you to choose the best type of microwave that you need.


Crypto landscape in the UAE

Even when Bitcoin price moves down 10,000 USD in a matter of a few days, optimists still say that this is only volatility (and they might be right). They add that volatility is healthy for the market (again, this is right in some circumstances). Cryptocurrencies are still widely talked about, and in the Arab world, and the UAE in particular, people with savings might see them as good instruments to generate positive returns. Before people can purchase and trade Bitcoins, they need to understand the legal framework governing those cryptocurrencies in the UAE, and the crypto landscape in general. Generally speaking, the UAE is among the most open countries in this regard.


Oil Price to Be Under Pressure Following Latest US Sanctions on Iran?

The nearest future for the oil markets does not look too bright, due to the tense situation between the United States and Iran.


These are the Top 5 Most Expensive Cars In The World

The luxury cars we will review in this article are gorgeously wrapped, low-slung convertibles that look like spinning pieces of art rather than automobiles. They cost more than museum-grade artwork, with staggering quotations that are a preserve of tycoons, oligarchs, and affluent royals.


The Rising Role Of Logistics In Retail Business Strategy In UAE

The era we are living in has changed in a fashion that everything around us is automating. In the retail world, today, retailers are managing the supply chain solely by themselves. The rise of digital literacy has allowed customers to buy more online rather than purchasing from physical shops. Not lagging behind, the logistics companies are going side by side with the rising trend of e-commerce collaborating with the up-to-the-mark logistics. 


Go Green At Home is the leading portal in the region on eco-matters that affect our daily lives.

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