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Go Green at Home

Go Green at Home

Being Eco-friendly is just good Economics. Here are some practical tips to ‘Go Green’ at home: 1. Change your light bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps. (They consume about 75 percent less electricity and last up to 10 times longer) 2. Use energy efficient appliances. (A household with ‘Energy Star’ products uses about 30 percent less energy than the average household, an annual savings of about $570) 3. Shop using re-usable bags.(BYOB) 4. Shop local.( you’re not only getting the freshest food possible, you’re saving energy) 5. Do not drink from plastic water bottles. (Use BPA free food grade stainless steel bottles) 6. Wash laundry in cold water. (Most of the energy consumed by washers goes toward heating the water) 7. Switch off all unnecessary lights in the house.(Enjoy natural light) 8. Unplug all unused appliances and computers and use intelligent power strips. (You could save $200 a year) 9. Pay your bills online. (Save on paper, energy and time) 10. Use recycled paper. (60% of our landfill problems are due directly to the paper industry) 11. Print (when necessary) on both sides. 12. Use Eco-font. (Savings are up to 25% of ink when printing) 13. Subscribe to eco-friendly blogs/newsletters.( 14. Drive at a steady speed, check your tire pressure periodically and park your car in the shade. (Optimise your gas consumption) 15. Do not leave golf bags etc in the car since the car consumes more gas when driving.(Excess baggage uses more gas) 16. Have a 5 minute shower and turn off water while brushing your teeth. (You can save eight gallons of water a day) 17. Join a local recycling program. (If 1 million people recycled just one TV this year, we’d keep 4 million pounds of lead out of the ground!) 18. Use eco-friendly cleaning items made from baking soda, ammonia and white vinegar. (Chemicals and toxins free) 19. Buy eco-friendly products as far as possible. (Visit 20. Plant a tree. (Certain greens can help remove indoor air pollutants) Calculate your family’s carbon footprint and do an energy audit every quarter to ensure you are meeting your own targets. On average, an energy audit shows how to save up to 30 percent on utility bills. Whatever you decide to do at home, always remember that each one of us together can make a difference to secure the future of our planet. We not only have to prepare our children for the future, we have to prepare the future for our children.


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