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6 Reasons You Should Have an RFID System in Your Store

Faced with increasing delivery pressures and high consumer expectations, warehouses and distribution centers have started to look for tech solutions that can help them streamline processes and increase productivity.

One of the technologies that could help the supply chain is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). But while there are multiple benefits to be had from RFID, many companies are still hesitating to use this technology to improve their production system.

These are six great reasons to adopt the RFID system in your store:

1.To track assets and managing inventory

Keeping track of goods and items is one of the most critical tasks for most businesses, whether it’s for shipping the finished products or receiving the production line components. RFID systems offer a fast and reliable way to track them without counting items one by one.

Thanks to RFID monitoring systems, you can immediately know how many items of the same type you have and what stage of the process they are at.

Best of all, you can track items from the moment they are received in the facilities to their manufacture and use in a finished product. This facilitates stock management, audits, and loss control. RFID can also help retrieve items that are on site but have been misplaced.

2.To enhance data accuracy and availability

In large stores and supermarkets, the cashiers’ registers are subject to error, which sometimes skews all the accounts. 

An RFID system’s advantage is that it prevents transcription errors, missing elements, and duplication of data. Better yet, when RFID has a cloud-based system, it allows everyone in your company to see up-to-date data on the location or status of items.

3.To leverage the production system

Because an RFID system can identify items or specific components, it is also suited for complex or customized manufacturing processes. For example, it can be used to ensure that specific molds are filled with the right amount of liquid and heated for the right amount of time. It ensures that particular components end up on the right production line as well. As a result, waste is reduced, and efficiency is improved.

4.To improve quality and traceability

In stores and large production lines where the workload is heavy, it's easy to forget some of the things to do, which impacts the finished product’s quality.

RFID systems help ensure that items have gone through all the proper controls and processes. For example, RFID can be used to verify that iron has been correctly assembled, inspected, and approved before being delivered to the customer. This improves quality and reduces the number of returned goods. RFID tagging can also help ensure traceability by tracking an item from its point of origin.

5.To grow revenues

You can easily integrate RFID technologies with other manufacturing or supply chain technologies, such as automated picking systems, to optimize the time from order to shipment and delivery.

By improving inventory management, stores that use RFID can provide a service that creates a competitive edge and promotes better customer satisfaction with increased sales opportunities and better margins.

6.To make employees productive

RFID is designed to locate and track items in your stores. As a result, your employees no longer have to waste time on labor-intensive processes such as searching for lost tools or equipment, reading individual barcodes, or counting stock quantities.

This increases the speed of job execution and project turnaround to reduce labor and transportation costs, as well as improve overall plant productivity.

The elimination of manual procedures, along with better visibility of inventory and assets, eliminates human error and oversights — things that take a long time to fix.

Seeing departments in your organization that need RFID the most? Try getting in touch with leading RFID companies to purchase an RFID device and change your production process forever.


Vic Bageria is the Founder and CEO of Sávant Data System LLC, a retail solutions and services provider focused on empowering businesses with progressive technology solutions such as People Counting and In-Store Analytics to improve operational efficiency and profitability (such as provided by Xpandretail powered by Savant). Vic is an award-winning entrepreneur and visionary, with experience in building recurring revenue technology businesses, who has mastered the intersection of technology, consumer marketing, customer behavior and instore insights.

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