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The Democratization of B2B Sales

COVID 19 pandemic has changed the lives and livelihood of many around the globe. Although the full consequences of the pandemic are yet to be seen, the impact of it is visible on the economies of the world. During this period the sales leaders need to adapt to the new normal where they face fearful buyers, tighter budgets, and the inability to hold in-person meetings to make adjustments to the sales strategies for the new customer habits. The changes in customer behaviour have made the sales leaders realize that they need to address and adapt to the new reality and revisit their sales model.

  1. Get proactive and create buyer-centric strategies – The focus of any organization needs to be on developing a comprehensive approach for customer outreach and lead generation through outbound and inbound lead generation channels. With the fast-paced digital advancement, the customers have ready access to information required to purchase with multiple options available and high expectations for personalization. The customer wants value addition, continuity, and meaningful interaction every time they buy hence the selling approaches need to be enhanced using AI tools to deepen sales integration for nurturing opportunities at scale.
  2. Revisit the sales process – Post COVID world is way too competitive. The focus for any organization cannot just be on one-time sales, rather the sales team needs to focus on a series of value-added efforts. Every prospective customer who contacts you may or may not be eager to buy. The sales process needs to be outlined for every stage of the customer’s journey from initial contact and discovery stage to product demo, Q&A with decision-makers to closing the deal.
  3. Siloed sales routes fall short with buyers – As the customer buying cycles and the purchasing team grow, the buyers look for increased convenience, value for time and more flexibility to move between channels for their immediate needs and preferences. Buyers are becoming more loyal to experiences vs unique sales route.
  4. Disruptions in traditional selling due to remote working – Remote working has taken over since the onset of the pandemic. With major giants like Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter revaluating their work from home policy and work from home becoming the new normal with many other companies, the shift will have an impact on the role of the seller and the methods of selling are going to change dramatically.

Today, there is a clear shift that can be seen in sales which is now more team-based collaboration rather than it being about a few individuals. B2B organizations are laying emphasis on ‘sales are for everyone’ approach as:

  1. Sales representatives have the flexibility of closing large deals – The inside sales representatives have far additional opportunities to do more and close big deals more efficiently at a lower cost to the company than the field sellers. Many companies are shifting their resources to inside sales for higher efficiency and to better map the buyers’ preferences.
  2. The convergence of inside and field sales activities – The activities of the selling professionals are shifting from traditional ways to becoming more digital. The digital buyers need to be engaged on channels where they are more active by both the inside and field sellers to leverage relationships. With sellers and buyers having access to digital tools, the physical and virtual boundaries are blurring.
  3. After-sales activities have a direct impact on retention and growth – The focus of any organization is no longer on closing a sales deal but on the after-sales activities that help deliver a consistent experience to the buyers to enhance the wallet share and advocacy for the brand.
  4. Revenue generation to be supported by more employees across an organization – All leading B2B companies are introducing incentive programs and guidance to have all employees help with sales and achieve the targets.

Let us consider how digital tools are driving the change and enhancing the sellers. The role of the seller has evolved with the focus on bringing value to the process and deliver insights on how things need to be done. Having a stronghold on the digital tools lends an advantage to the sellers by:

  1. Instilling confidence and accuracy in selling – The new tools available like Kaia offer AI assistance to sellers based on buyers’ interests. Kaia flashes digital information cards visible to the seller that help with relevant information for the conversation or address the specific question posed by the buyer. This tool help sellers engage successfully.
  2. Reorganize the sales meeting dynamic – Another tool that is driving the change for sellers is Kaon interactive which is an omnichannel customer engagement platform bringing in buyers through engaging with them. The seller provides the buyer with an interactive application to explore options on their own. The role of the seller is to guide and observe the actions of the buyer to understand their preferences and interests. The focus for the seller shifts to validating ideas, answering questions and advise the buyer in a meeting.
  3. Deliver tailored market insights – With the use of Klue’s tool the sellers can stay informed about the products and market moves of the competitors. The sellers are able to leverage the database to provide the buyer and prospects tailored market insights. The tool helps the sellers outline various market activities and their impact on their customers’ business.

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