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How Canadians are finding jobs in Abu Dhabi

Over the past few decades, the middle east has become one of the most popular, thriving destinations for labor migrants with different backgrounds. The United Arab Emirates is leading the way not only in the region but also across the world, as its iconic, enchanting cities offer a diverse range of employment opportunities to individuals from around the world. 

The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest, most powerful and desirable nations in the world and undoubtedly a leader in the Middle East. Just around 3 decades ago, the land of never-ending deserts and the dry, unbearable climate was rather poor and barely inhabited. The main source of income for locals was primarily sailing and fishing. Urban areas in the nation, as we know them today, were not present but instead, small towns were considered large settlements.

In fact, the total population of the United Arab Emirates in 1980 was only just over 1 million people. Today, 40 years later, the nation has more than 9.6 million residents and this number is steadily increasing each and every year. This immense population expansion was obviously not caused by natural growth through increased birth rates but was rather sparked by massive waves of immigration.

Why and who is moving to the United Arab Emirates?

As of today, once a monoethnic nation has become a diverse, multicultural international business and leisure destination for millions. Out of the country’s 9.6 million people, only 1.4 million are Emirati citizens while the rest represent the gigantic migrant population, driving the country’s economy forward.

The unprecedented economic transformation in the late 20th century led to the immense growth and prosperity for the nation. As of today, the country’s GDP (PPP) per capita stands at a whopping $70,000, making it one of the richest nations on earth. Moreover, the country is also extremely dynamic in its development and tries to diversify its economy.

The initial economic boost within the United Arab Emirates was caused by an expanded oil production, which remains one of the largest in the world. However, the west is gradually moving onto renewable energy sources, refusing to use fossil fuels. The global climate strikes and Gretha Thunberg’s movement also contributed to a growing number of people boycotting businesses that fund fossil fuel corporations.

Under such circumstances and amid the finite character of oil, being overly oil-reliant is not the smartest idea. Because of this very reason, the United Arab Emirates is doing everything to make the economy as diverse and inclusive as it is possible. They are even investing more in renewables than the vast majority of nations. The total sum of $163 billion will see the construction of the world’s largest solar power energy farm along with a range of other projects. 

What are Canadians doing in Abu Dhabi?

The country has as well established 2 major financial, leisure and commercial hubs - Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Being merely 100 km apart from each other, these couple of true, thriving metropolises represent the backbone of the modern nation. Dubai is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper, as well as artificial islands and many wonders of the world. Being the capital of the nation, Abu Dhabi is more sophisticated with palaces and grand venues yet keeping the character of the country and culture alive.

Lots of businesses have been moving to this nation recently. Companies that are able to work remotely establish their offices in Abu Dhabi, located in between Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. Companies that want to go global find this a perfect location to operate in many different countries at the same time with limited resources.

Digital gambling businesses are leading the way as Abu Dhabi is already home to a few dozen overseas companies. Representatives of casino Canada, one of the leading gambling businesses in the country, are also thinking about moving to Abu Dhabi amid the absence of regulations and easy, fair procedures. In comparison, the Canadian bureaucracy is much more complicated, costing money and time to companies.

Moreover, lots of Canadian companies are trying to establish themselves in this rich market. The Emirates, despite being far away from the Americas, is in fact, one of the most well-connected nations in the world. This is due to the state carrier ‘Emirates’, which is the leading airline in the world, serving hundreds of destinations and connecting people from different countries and continents. Thus, it is quite attractive to businesses in Canada and beyond.

There is even the Canadian Business Council representation in Abu Dhabi, which tries to forge tighter bonds between the two nations. They assist Canadian businesses in the United Arab Emirates while consulting with the local firms on expanding into Canada.

So, how are Canadians finding job opportunities in Abu Dhabi?

There is not a single answer to this question. Some are investing themselves or moving to Abu Dhabi to work for Canadian companies there, while others are discovering job opportunities on their own. When looking for employment in Abu Dhabi, one should always remember that it is an incredibly international and multicultural place, almost solely dependent on migrants. Thus, everyone with almost any background and education has a fair chance of finding something suitable and desirable.

However, when it comes to Abu Dhabi specifically, the higher demand is on finance professionals, developers, and engineers. In general, the United Arab Emirates is a country developing its infrastructure in a vast desert. Thus, construction workers and engineers are always high on demand.

Moreover, a growing number of Canadians are employed at Emirates and Etihad, flag carriers of the country. Both of these airlines have diverse, multicultural staff from all across the world, offering competitive salaries to its employees. Emirates and Canada have a history of over 13 years, as the airline started operating in the market back in 2007. From then on, the contribution to the relations between the two countries has been unprecedented.

Thus, whether you are a skilled professional or a beginner eager to explore the world, Abu Dhabi or the Emirates beyond it has a lot to offer. Canada now has closer ties with the nation than ever before, making it easy for Canadians to find jobs and migrate. Whether with the help of the Canadian Business Council in Abu Dhabi or by simply looking up openings on the internet, anyone can find a suitable position in this enchanting city.

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