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Assembling Your Corporate Event Team

Putting together a corporate event is vastly different from planning a private event. Although there are several similarities, experience in previous events and projects does not necessarily translate to a transfer of skills.

Apart from planning and organizing, one critical task that you should do when facilitating a corporate affair is to assemble the right team. Here are a few important considerations you need to factor in, according to a trusted event management company in Dubai.


Before assembling your team, there are a few essential factors that you should make clear. For starters, there should be a person in charge of the overall planning and administration of the event. On a related note, you will also have to decide if you should delegate someone as event chair.

Next, you will need to decide how many team members you need to have on board. In most instances, you can rely on your company's team members to perform a few critical tasks. However, the larger the event that you are planning, the more likely that you will need more people to help you.

In such a case, what is your best option? Should you enlist the help of volunteers or hire experts, or combine the two?

Identify roles

Once you have identified the people who will be joining in the planning and organization of your event, the next critical task that needs to be undertaken is the identification of the roles of each person involved.

Ideally, you should have a committee chair who will oversee the completion of the project. From there, you will need to select people who will act as primary members of the event team. For this task, it is highly recommended that you delegate roles based on the expertise and interests of each individual. This can help ensure that jobs are done adequately and in a timely fashion.

It is not unusual for some team members to perform multiple roles. This is particularly true in teams with a limited number of members. After forming your core team, you may also want to build a support team.

Another essential thing to remember when identifying roles and delegating tasks is to give each member full support.

Here's a brief list of the teams and roles that need to be filled up.

●Committee chair

This person is responsible for crucial tasks like presiding over meetings, creating timelines, identifying goals, and checking on other team members.

In some cases, the committee chair may also act as the event coordinator. However, this secondary role may be delegated to another person or an events company.

●Sponsorship team

If you are planning on getting the help of sponsors, you will need people to handle the tasks associated with soliciting donations, whether in cash or kind, and promoting the products or services of the companies that made the contributions.


In order to attract attendees and generate excitement for your corporate event, you will need to promote it both online and offline.

Here, you require team members who will coordinate with the members of the press as well as buy ad space for event promotion.

Forming a social media team is now considered essential for practically any type of event. For this, you will need experts who will help generate online buzz and provide timely updates for attendees and stakeholders.


Depending on the type and scope of the event, you may need people to secure the necessary permits that will prevent unnecessary hassles with the relevant authorities.


For cause-oriented events, you can count on volunteers to lend you a helping hand. In order to keep these volunteers organized, you have to designate a volunteer manager who will act as a go-between between committee members and the volunteers.

Keeping team members in the loop

When there are several moving parts, it can be hard to keep everyone in the loop and moving toward a single direction. This is why it is imperative to hold regular meetings to keep track of progress, identify emerging issues, and work out solutions for these.

Initially, the meetings can be held weekly, or less frequently than that. However, as the event date draws near, you will need to conduct more meetings. This allows you to make more efficient use of resources instead of trying to put out small fires that emerge.

Apart from holding regular meetings, it is a good idea to develop an online hub where team members can track the tasks that have already been completed as well as those that still need to be accomplished. It is not necessary to use complicated software. A simple Google spreadsheet can do this task adequately. However, team leaders of each committee should make sure that these trackers are updated regularly to keep everyone in the loop and prevent the unnecessary repetition of tasks.

Just like your company, an event is only as good as the team working behind the curtains. Early on, evaluate your available human resources, get help when necessary, and make efficient use of these.


Born in 1979, Mahmoud Majed is the Managing Director at Level Production. He is a B.A holder in Business Management with 15+ years of relative experience. Prior to his role at Level, Mahmoud held a marketing directorship position for a leading holding group in the UAE, handling accounts in industries such as international retail and dining and pioneering the concession business department. Mahmoud also took on leadership roles in the high-end luxury sector. Mahmoud first moved to Dubai in 2001 and has called the country his second home ever since. He is a firm believer in the power of positivity and works hard on implementing happiness in the workspace.

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