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Vision 2021: "We want to be among the best countries in the world by 2021"

Theme 2: United in Destiny: A strong union bonded by a common destiny The UAE will continue to grow as a strong and influential nation under the stewardship and protection of a resilient and integrated Federation that ensures balanced development throughout its territory

2.1 Upholding the legacy of the nation's Founding Fathers The UAE Federation will uphold the legacy of our Founding Fathers to ensure balanced development throughout the Emirates, through active coordination among levels of Government and integrated national planning and execution in all policy areas Vision Statement We want the UAE to reaffirm its dedication to upholding the vision and leadership of its gifted and persevering Founding Fathers. The Federation will remain true to its goal of maintaining cohesion and solidarity among the member states, ensuring that the hard work and sacrifices of the early years are never forgotten.

The Federation will continue to rise in the national consciousness to represent the defining point of allegiance for all Emiratis. This sense of common destiny and of belonging to one nation will bind all citizens together in building their shared future.

Our culture of equity and our spirit of solidarity will spur us on to close the gap between citizens' standards of living. The UAE will promote balance in the social and economic development of its emirates. Utilities and services will be provided across the territory such that no region remains isolated or becomes marginalised. World-class transport services and infrastructure will boost development and bridge communities.

Integrated planning and execution will ensure that social and economic development across the entire nation is balanced, sustainable, rationalised and efficient.

In this way the UAE will grow as a just and inclusive society in which all Emiratis enjoy equal opportunities and equitable rewards, bonded by a growing sense of national unity.

2.2 Safe and secure nation: The UAE Government will continue to be the custodian of a safe and secure nation, ensuring economic resilience and stability, upholding fairness and justice, and offering an advanced welfare system to allow all Emiratis to overcome adversity and contribute positively to society Vision statement We want the nation to excel in upholding its foremost duty: to protect citizens from all threats to their safety, whether internal or external. The UAE government will renew its commitment to shielding society from crime, maintaining social stability and warding off any external threats that may arise. Enhanced emergency readiness will mitigate the risks of disasters and epidemics.

The UAE will preserve a safe environment in which every Emirati may lead a life of dignity and security, assured of all basic needs, shielded from uncertainty, and empowered to achieve well-being through work and merit.

A strong and effective justice system will bolster security, and the UAE will be diligent in its duty to defend and uphold the rights, interests and freedoms of all. Everyone will benefit from judiciary's impartiality and its dedication to fairness and justice.

The nation will protect its citizens' livelihoods. Wise and capable governance will steer the economy on a stable and resilient course through ever-changing economic tides.

The government will provide all Emiratis with access to their basic needs, through a sustainable welfare system that builds capabilities for the long term. This safety net will help the most vulnerable by empowering them to overcome adversity and to participate positively and productively in society.

2.3 Enhanced international standing: The UAE's international standing will continue to grow as its successes highlight its prestige as a regional and international role model, developing sectors of excellence and national champions.

Vision Statement: We want the nation to draw strength from its traditions of openness, peaceful coexistence and understanding. In this way Emiratis will always resist the value-flattening effects of globalisation, and will always be enriched rather than threatened by their nation's openness to the world.

The UAE will enhance its pivotal role as a regional business hub whose essential infrastructure and institutions provide a gateway linking our neighbourhood to the world, serving as a role model for the region. Internationally, the nation will build on global successes in areas such diplomacy, developmental and humanitarian aid, as well as hosting international institutions and events.

The UAE is also emerging as a point of reference in the cultural sphere. Sustained interaction between Emirati and other cultures has fostered mutual understanding and enrichment. Local traditions of literature, art and poetry will be promoted as international ambassadors for UAE culture.

However great its achievements, the UAE will not slow the pace of its drive for improvement. In the economic and government sphere, our nation will build on sectors of excellence to export its model abroad, while constantly evolving to create new competitive advantages. At an individual level, we will promote national champions in every domain, from sports to science and culture: every Emirati should aspire to become a champion in his field.

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