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12:28:41 PM , 18 Jan 2020
This place in the Middle East is booming in tech and no, it’s not Israel (16 January 2020)
One of the biggest advantages of technology and its development is that it proliferates without boundaries.

National Economy’s Cash Trades Increase By AED29.8 Billion In 2019 (16 January 2020)
The value of traded cash in the national economy increased by AED29.8 billion in 2019, a rise of 7.8 percent, according to the latest figures issued by the Central Bank of the UAE.

UAE’s First ’Solar Concentrator’ Installed At Masdar City Campus (16 January 2020)
Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Masdar City, and Wahaj Solar today jointly announced the installation of a first-of-its-kind solar concentrator in the UAE at the Masdar Institute Solar Platform.

Masdar, Abu Dhabi Ports To Support Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 (16 January 2020)
Masdar and the Abu Dhabi Ports Company have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, to support the economic growth in Abu Dhabi and achieve the objectives of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.

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Assembling Your Corporate Event Team

Putting together a corporate event is vastly different from planning a private event. Although there are several similarities, experience in previous events and projects does not necessarily translate to a transfer of skills.


How To Trade Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market refers to the different cryptocurrency pairs that trade around the clock. Investors will often trade cryptocurrencies versus fiat currencies such as the dollar, euro or Japanese yen. Additionally, investors will trade a cryptocurrency cross which is a pair made of two different cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin versus ether or Litecoin versus ripple. There are also several ways to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market. You can set up a digital wallet, which allows you to exchange a digital coin for a fiat currency or another digital coin. You can also trade a financial product such as CFDs and futures contracts that tracks the movement of specific cryptocurrencies.


Why Dubai Is Still A Great Place To Work For Millennials

Reports show that in less than a decade, millennials will constitute about 75 per cent of the workforce across the world including Dubai. The term Millennials refer to those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. This generation stands out in many aspects including excellence in career, specialized skills and a hard core professional attitude. They often believe in getting things done fast and effectively and make the most of the time on hand.


Abu Dhabi Government Media Office launches new community platform

The Abu Dhabi Government Media Office (ADGMO) has launched Abu Dhabi Story, a new platform designed to grow community spirit and share the untold stories waiting to be retold. The platform will showcase stories sourced from Abu Dhabi via Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, offering a window into the lives of Abu Dhabi’s multicultural community. All the stories will show people pushing the boundaries in exciting ways, including citizens and residents sharing their favourite places or aspects of the city, celebrations of diversity, inclusion and community amongst cultures building a life for their families and engaging in programmes and activities.


4 Types Of Apps You Must Have On Your Mobile Device

Labeled by some people as “mobile phone assistant” apps because of their ability to assist and help with various activities, these pieces of software are able to save us time and improve productivity. Covering a wide range of sectors, here are 4 of the must-have types of app you should know about.


Antalia Restaurant
Antalia Restaurant is traditional Turkish restaurant famous for its ethnic Turkish food. Traditional Turkish cuisine includes salads, kebabs, main courses of Chicken, beef and lamb. There is a terrace for drinks which overlooks the channel and the traditional UAE past time of Shisha is also available from 3pm till 12am.Opening Hours: Wed - Mon : 7pm - 12am Tel: +971 2 562 9100

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