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G42 Healthcare Launches Health AI Services To Accelerate COVID-19 Diagnosis And Drug Discovery
(19 May 2020)

A new tool is now available to the world to fight against COVID-19. G42 Healthcare, a Group 42, G42, company, announced today the launch of its G42 Health AI Platform. The AI-powered, cloud-based solution, provides researchers, medical organizations and scientific institutes across the world with advanced tools to speed up the detection of COVID-19 in potentially infected patients as well as accelerate the discovery of a conclusive drug used for its treatment.

G42 Health AI Platform, available on G42 Cloud starting from May 19, 2020, provides its users with the following tools: Virus Genome Analysis Service, to rapidly identify virus genome and generate insights on the virus evolution and epidemiology.

AI-Assisted CT Scan Evaluation, to rapidly quantify the signatures that are suggestive of COVID-19 and pneumonia.

In Silico Drug Discovery Service, to shorten the drug screening time by enabling a wide range of computer simulations.

Mr. Peng Xiao, CEO of G42, said: "Technology plays a critical role in the battle against this pandemic. Through the G42 Health AI Platform we hope to empower the research community and facilitate the discovery of breakthrough solutions that can effectively contribute to curbing the outbreak."

Virus genome detection, assembly, mutation and evolution analysis are critical for researchers to understand the virus and control its current exponential spread. G42 Health AI Platform has several pre-built popular research tools for virus genome analysis, enabling fast and efficient research work.

The AI evaluation platform can aid and accelerate a radiologist’s review by providing quantitative measures for single or longitudinal evaluations. The platform uses deep neural networks to segment the abnormalities observed in the CT scan, such as Ground Glass Opacities, GGOs, and consolidations to enable rapid quantification of their extent on patient’s CT scan.

These abnormalities have been reported in CT scans of COVID-19 positive patients (ACR/RSNA expert consensus report) particularly in lower-lobe periphery. The AI model quantifies the presence of such abnormalities and their extent through the different lobes. The quantification can be used to assess the severity of the disease, among other applications.

The rapid assessment extends also to the lengthy drug development cycle, saving many lives as a result. The purpose of AI intervention in drug screening is to replace tens of thousands of manual experiments with computer simulations in protein structure modeling, virtual screening and molecular dynamics. This renewed approach shortens the duration of the traditional drug development process from months to a matter of a few hours.

G42 Health AI Platform comes as an integrated solution for medical researchers and organisations engaged in anti-viral research, imaging signatures quantification and drug discovery, and leverages G42’s high-throughput computational and AI resources.

G42 is at the forefront in the battle against COVID-19. Thanks to its pioneering healthcare and genomics practice, and leveraging its vast technological resources, the company has recently announced the launch of a groundbreaking detection laboratory – located in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi - capable of conducting thousands RT-PCR test daily. G42 is also involved in the production of COVID-19 diagnostic kits, the supply of thermal sensors, and is working in coordination with local and international health authorities to assist them in the creation of effective prevention and detection protocols to contain the virus.

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