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Solo Microwaves vs Grill Microwaves: What Are the Differences?

Microwaves are a great kitchen and home appliance device that makes life simpler for homeowners. They use radiation to heat food within minutes, providing convenience to the user. There are several microwaves in the market. Solo refers to one that is for basic heating purposes while the grill microwave oven allows for grilling along with heating. You might want to look at them both and compare each microwave’s features and functions and how necessary they are to your household’s requirements. Such a comparison would make it easier for you to choose the best type of microwave that you need.

Here are some key differences between the solo and grill microwave oven.

Different Heating Purposes

Solo microwave is used for general reheating while grill microwave comes with an extra grill plate that allows extra heat. Grill microwave ovens, as the name suggests, can grill food items to a crisp, brown color, which solo microwaves cannot. Therefore, a solo microwave has limited functions as compared to grill microwaves.


Solo microwaves are much more readily available in the market as compared to grill microwave ovens. That reflects their demand by users as people tend to only need to heat their food because regular ovens are available to do the job of making their crisp and brown. Plus, the higher price comes into play.


Solo microwave usually has lower power, somewhere between 600 and 1200 watts, while grill microwave ovens have an average of 1000 watts. This means lower electrical efficiency and more money is spent on your electricity bill.

Different Available Functions

Solo Microwaves are usually a basic type of microwaves that are used to heat only and have fewer functions such as child lock and, Defrost, multi-step cooking settings. Which explains why they are less expensive. On the other hand, a grill microwave might come with much more cooking settings and options.


Grill microwave ovens are usually more expensive than solo microwaves, depending on how many functions they can offer. However, the right option depends on your heating needs at home.

For example, affordable solo microwave ovens have a price range between 250 AED to almost 1000 AED. Whereas affordable grill microwaves are somewhat more expensive and are ranged from 350 AED to 1300 AED.

There are many places online which you can find the best microwave ovens. Toshiba is one of the premium brands that offer professionally made and affordable microwave ovens.

Which Microwave Should You Buy?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing between the two. If you want an entry-level microwave with basic heating and defrosting abilities, the solo microwave is an affordable option. If you want an added layer of heat, the grill microwave oven will pan out better. Each of these microwave types has its own pros and cons. Solo microwaves cannot be used to bake or roast your food. It’s also the least expensive of all microwave types which makes it suitable for many families.

Eventually, it is up to you to decide which of these microwave ovens is most suitable for you and your needs.

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